Meals for a Month -- $75 feeds one dog for one month

Most rescued animals are malnourished and require specialized diets and nutritional supplements as part of their recovery program. All our newcomers are evaluated by a veterinarian and are placed on an individualized diet.

Pooch Bling -- $ 10 to $200 per dog
Collars, a comfy bed and a water dish - more than most of our rescues have seen in their lives. Our Pooch "Bling" also includes specialized training equipment and all the "stuff" needed to bring these dogs back to health and ready for new homes.

Healing Hounds -- $200 to $400 per dog

Veterinary care for rescued dogs is significant and includes treatment, medicines and supplies. Many animals need to be spayed or neutered. Often dogs arrive with coat, skin and parasite issues. Open wounds are common and ACL and other injury-related surgeries are sadly the norm.

Behavioral and Social Evaluation/Training $200 per dog per month
Most rescued dogs have been ignored, abandoned or maltreated, leaving the animals mentally distraught, fearful and confused. Very few have been taught social skills for either human or animal interactions and often their learned behaviors are not acceptable to either people or other dogs. All Ribsey's Rescues undergo critical evaluation and are placed on a training regimen with individualized goals. We consult with professional evaluators and our trained staff facilitates the daily rehabilitation program for each dog.

Head to Tail -- $1400
A dog's average stay with us ranges from two to six months, depending on the condition of the dog at arrival. From rescue to rehabilitation to rehome, our costs associated with care average about $1400 per dog.

In Memoriam Gifts
In Memoriam gifts in the name of beloved individuals and pets who have passed on is a beautiful way to continue the legacy of those who cherished animals and the pets that brought us joy. We will include your gift on our Ribsey's Refugees website honoring the memory of these loved ones.

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